You can try out Rev AI for free in different ways.
See: for easy links.

Rev AI accepts pretty much any accepted audio and video file format, either pre-recorded or real-time.

Streaming (Real-time) Transcription

1) To test streaming accuracy and latency without writing any code:

Go to, click on the red microphone, and talk. No login required. Or, if you have registered (see below), you can go to and try out our profanity filter and custom vocabulary as well as streaming transcription.

When finished, you can go to your dashboard and download a txt, json, or srt or vtt caption files.

Note: The first pass is light gray and becomes black as the final word choice is done (demonstrating the context based transcription). Also notice capitalization and punctuation.

2) To test streaming via the API:

This testing method requires registering for an account.

Read streaming (real-time) documentation:

Find examples on how to use the Node SDK, Python SDK or Java SDK:

Asynchronous Transcription

These testing methods require registering for an account.

1) To test asynchronous transcription (file based batch/pre-recorded) by uploading a file:

  • Go to the dashboard and click the SUBMIT A JOB button.

  • Click the UPLOAD FILE button and select the file to transcribe.

  • Specify the source language and click the NEXT button to start transcription.

2) To test asynchronous transcription via the API: 

Read Asynchronous API documentation:

Find examples on how to use the Node SDK, Python SDK or Java SDK:

To transcribe non-English audio, include the language parameter with your API request. See the list of supported languages:!ct=application/json&path=language&t=request

In all cases, be sure to notice the punctuation and capitalization.

Be sure to also check out our custom vocabulary - your chance to add your words to our dictionary.

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