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Where's my file (or how to download results)?
Where's my file (or how to download results)?

This article tells you how to download your transcriptions or captions once your file has been processed.

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If you are interacting with Rev AI using the dashboard user interface by manually uploading a file, you will get the results on that dashboard.

It generally takes 15 minutes or less to get results. Often, especially for shorter files, it will be 5 minutes or less.

Important: You may need to refresh your browser to show the COMPLETED status.

When complete, you'll see something like this in the dashboard:

To download the result to your computer, click on the

Download Button

in the "Export Options" column. You can choose between .txt, .json, .srt and .vtt formats. The last 2 are caption formats.

If you just want the text, choose .txt.

If you will want additional metadata for things like analytics or downstream apps, you may want to use the .json file.

Select the file type you want and it will be downloaded to your computer wherever downloads are set to go on your computer.

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