Our ASR APIs already power speech recognition in thousands of applications and services. But apart from transcription services, Rev AI also allows developers to extract deeper insights from their transcribed data and use these insights in downstream applications

Topic Extraction API

Our topic extraction API identifies important keywords and concepts in transcribed speech. It offers developers a fast, automated, and accurate way to retrieve the core topics or subjects in a speech or discussion. The API accepts and analyzes an input transcript and returns a ranked list of topics, together with all the input content fragments relevant to each topic.

Topic extraction enables a variety of applications and use cases, such as:

- Auto-generated agendas for meetings and phone calls

- Automated classification or keyword indexing for digital media libraries

- Automated tagging for Customer Service complaints or support tickets

Sentiment Analysis API

Our sentiment analysis API identifies emotional content in transcribed speech input and attempts to qualify it as positive, negative, or neutral. This API enables developers to obtain qualitative insights based on the feelings expressed in verbal and written communication and build applications to act on those insights. Some examples are:

- Tracking Customer Service satisfaction levels from customer agent interactions or written complaints

- Analyzing political sentiment based on reactions to public speeches

- Understanding student engagement and attitudes in class

- Scoring leads based on sales team member interactions with prospects

- Understanding witness attitudes in depositions

Topic extraction and sentiment analysis also go well together. For example, let's say you want to know when someone was talking negatively about a public figure, and also want to know exactly what they said. Use ASR to get the transcript, then run topic extraction and sentiment analysis to filter and return the cross-sections that are significant.

Get Started

To try out these new APIs, read our tutorial on getting started with topic extraction and sentiment analysis, which includes code and output samples to help you get started quickly.

Both APIs are free to test until January 31, 2022, so you can start experimenting with this right away. We would love feedback and to hear about how you are using these new services— let us know by emailing us at labs@rev.ai.

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