Translation FAQs

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How it works

Include `translation_config` in your speech-to-text job submission to transcribe and translate media content in one step.

Models Offered:

  • Standard Model: Accurate translations for straightforward content at a competitive price.

  • Premium Model: Advanced algorithms for high-precision translations, suitable for complex or technical content.


  • Standard Translation: $0.15 per content minute
  • Premium Translation: $1.50 per content minute


Translation Speed

Turnaround times vary based on content length, complexity, and the translation model chosen.


What languages are supported?

Supports 11 languages, including Arabic, English, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), French (France and Canada), Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and German. Ask about additional languages.


Can I integrate translation with existing transcripts?

While current operations are geared towards live job submissions, we are working on features that will allow for the translation of existing transcripts, providing you with more flexibility in managing your content post-processing.

Ready to get started with Translation?

Translate your media content quickly and effectively with our translation documentation available here. For any questions, contact our support team at

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